Tamás Waliczky was born in 1959, Budapest. New media artist. He has been working with computers since 1983.

2024 Visiting Professor at School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. One of his "Puppet and Gravity" prints was donated by Ani Molnár Gallery to Bátor Tábor, which supports children with chronic illness and their families. His animation "Swinging in the Garden" was screened at Nuit Blanche 2024, Europa Expérience, Paris.

2023 Visiting Professor at School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Take part in “Expect the Unexpected | Aktuelle Konzepte für Fotografie” exhibition in Kunstmuseum, Bonn, Germany. Also takes part in ARCOmadrid Art Fair in Madrid, Spain and Kick Cancer Collection at the 39th Art Brussels with Ani Molnar Gallery, "Illusions" exhibition, m21 Gallery, LOKART Festival, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, Pecs, Hungary and "Puppet and Gravity" solo exhibition at Ani Molnar Gallery. Finished a new computer animation installation, called "Vision on Mong Kok East Footbridge".

2022 Visiting Professor at School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Speaker at Animators’ Round table Forum: Hong Kong Animation, Zoom Webinar. Two new computer animation installations "Self Portrait with Food" and "Sunlight in Mong Kok Viewed from My Window" are finished. Take part in "Reinventing Image-Making" exhibition at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Japan and Art Market Budapest (with Ani Molnar Gallery), Hungary. Jury member of IFVA festival Hong Kong in VR category.

2021 Solo exhibition at Saarländisches Künstlerhaus, Germany. Participating at Chengdou Biennale, China, "How to Win at Photography - Image-Making as Play" exhibition at Fotomuseum Winterthur, and Art Brussels online exhibition on Artsy with Ani Molnar Gallery. Jury member of Experimental Film/Video/Essay Competition Hong Kong, IFVA Festival Hong Kong in Media Art Category, and KAF, Kecskemét Animation Film Festival XV in the Hungarian Competition category. Moderator at "Page Around" Experimental Animated Shorts Screening and Ars Electronica 2021 Garden Hong Kong | Art In The Cloud. Three new computer animation installations ("Swinging in the Garden", "View on Shek Kip Mei Park" and "Tsim Sha Tsui Seaside Trees") are finished. Visiting Professor at School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong.

2020 Solo exhibition at Ludwig Museum Budapest. Selected into the "50 Most Influential Hungarian Artists" list of Műértő (Connoisseur) magazine. Left City University of Hong Kong and moved back to Europe. A new computer animation installation is finished, called "Puppet and Gravity".

2019 Has got "Prima" prize in Hungarian Fine Art Category at Prima Primissima 2019. Jury member of IFVA Festival in Media Art Category and Art Asia Awards Open Call, organized by Niio - art for a digital age. Take part in "Exit Strategies" exhibition at H Queen's, Hong Kong and represents Hungary at the 58th Venice Biennale.

2018 Jury member of IFVA Festival, Hong Kong and SOPA (The Society of Publishers in Asia) Awards 2018. "Cameras" solo exhibition at L3 Gallery, Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong. Osage Gallery presents Waliczky's "Cameras" exhibition at Photo Macau Art Fair. Solo exhibitions at Ani Molnar Gallery, Budapest and Lumenvisum Gallery, Hong Kong.Tamas Waliczky has been selected to represent Hungary at the Fifty-Eighth Venice Biennale, 2019.

2017 Jury member of 3rdCulture Film Festival 2017 and SOPA (The Society of Publishers in Asia) Awards 2017. Represented by Ani Molnár Gallery.

2016 Jury member of ISEA 2016, Hong Kong, Cultural R>Evolution, SOPA (The Society of Publishers in Asia) Awards 2016 and SIGGRAPH Asia 2016.

2015 Jury member of IFVA Festival, Hong Kong. Two new interactive installations are finished in the new (GRF) version of "Homes" project and exhibited together with photos at Lumenvisum Gallery, Hong Kong.

2014 "Reflections" video installation is finished. "Micromovements in Snapshots" video installation is finished and presented at Animamix Biennale "This Slow - That Fast" exhibition. Chairman of the jury of the <19 Freestyle Computing competition, C3 Budapest.

2013 "Wheels" real-time simulation installation is finished. "Adventures of Tom Tomiczky" is screened as the opening film of the 18th ifva festival. Also jury member of the same festival. "Dance with the interval" solo exhibition at Goethe Institut Hongkong. Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest confers Waliczky the title of honorary professor.

2012 "Homes" interactive installation is finished. Jury member of IFVA Festival, Hong Kong.

2011 "Adventures of Tom Tomiczky" (41 minutes long computer animation) is finished and has the world premiere in the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre Grand Opening Festival The HD version of "The Fisherman and his wife" is finished. Starts two new installation projects ("Wheels" and "Homes") with the Start Up Grant of City University of Hong Kong.

2010 Starts to work as professor at School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong.

2009 "The Garden (21st Century Amateur Film)" is acquired by Ludwig Museum, Budapest.

2008 Jury member of "Zebra poetry film festival", Berlin.

2007 "Marionettes" installation version is finished. Yearly financial support (2007-2010) of MMK (Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary) for the preparations of a new computer animation, called "Adventures of Tom Tomiczky". "Marionettes" is acquired by Katalin Spengler and Zsolt Somloi, art collectors.

2006 "Marionettes" (computer animation) is finished.

2005 Full time professor at HBK Saar, Saarbrücken. "Self-portrait" (interactive online artwork) is finished. Retrospective exhibition at Pixel Gallery, Millenáris Park, Budapest.

2003 Starts to work as professor at IMG, Fachhochschule Mainz, Germany. Finalist for 2003's World Technology Award for Arts. The "Animation number seven" (interactive online artwork) and the installation version of "Aquarelle 2000" are ready. The Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne acquires 4 of his works.

2002 Artintact DVD with the cd-rom version of "The forest" is published. The "Ansichtskarte / pseudo-perspective study", "Amphora / nude study" , "Color Study" , "Annamaria's motion in time" , "Children's game" (interactive online artworks) are completed. Solo exhibition at C3 center, Budapest.

2001 "The fisherman and his wife" (computer animation) won the first prize in video art category at Asolo Film festival, Asolo. The "Time/space (Sculptures)" installation was exhibited at the Milano Europa 2000 exhibition, and was selected into the best 10 artworks by the public.

2000 "The fisherman and his wife" (computer animation) is completed and won the first prize in animation category at Mediawave festival, Györ. "Aquarelle 2000" (cd-rom) is completed. He was selected by the BT monthly art magazine, Tokyo into the "20th Century Art Matrix", as one of the most interesting artist of the 20th century.

1999 "The fisherman and his wife" and the new version of "Focus" at IAMAS, Japan. Jury member of International Net Award, Saarbrucken.

1998 "Focus" (interactive computer installation) is completed, and also it's cd-rom version under the title "Focusing" is published in the ZKM Digital Arts Edition series, by ZKM and Cantz. "Landscape" won Award of distinction and "Focus" won Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica festival, Linz. IAMAS (International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences), Ogaki, Japan has selected Waliczky as artist-in-residence 1998/99. Solo exhibition at Leeds Metropolitan University Galley, Leeds.

1997 Starts to work as guest professor at Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar, Saarbrücken, Germany. "Landscape" (computer animation) is completed. Jury member of WRO '97 festival, Poland. "Sculptures" (computer animation) is completed and performed as a part of Mesias Maiguashca´s opera "The Enemies" during the Multimediale 5 exhibition in Karlsruhe, Germany. Artist in residence at Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe. Taken part in the theatrical performance "Lenz", produced by TourBÜHNE.

1996 Solo exhibition at ICC Gallery in Tokyo. Board member of Soros Foundation's C3 center (Center for Culture and Communication) in Budapest, Hungary.

1995 "The Forest" interactive CD-ROM version for the Artintact 2 interactive magazine, and "Asylsymphony" (computer animation for Bojidar Spassow's music piece) are completed. Taken part in MULTIMEDIALE 4, Karlsruhe and the 3rd. Biennale of Lyon.

1994 Employed by Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe. "Der Wald" won Honorary Mention in Animation Category of Prix Ars Electronica and the Jury's Special Price of Locarno VideoArt Festival. "The Garden" won the main prize of Electronie d'Arte e Altre Scritture Festival. "The Way" (computer animation installation) is completed.

1993 Taken part in MULTIMEDIALE 3, Karlsruhe with his retrospective and with "The Forest" interactive flight simulation platform application. (Common work with Sebastian Egner and Jeffrey Shaw.) "The Garden", the "Studies for The Garden" and "Der Wald" (computer animations) are completed. The "Studies for The Garden" is selected for the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre. "The Garden" won Special prize of the Wro '93 Festival. Jury member of the IMAGINA Festival, Monte Carlo.

1992 Invited by Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe to complete "The Garden" computer animation, during a year long artist-in-residency. Live performance of "Conversation" at SZKÉNÉ Theatre, Budapest.

1991 Co-Director of the Wallada Bioscop Ltd. Live performance of "Conversation" in Étampes. The "Memory of Moholy-Nagy" is selected for the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre and won the World Graph Prize of Locarno Videoart Festival and the Festival Prize of Berlin International Animation Festival.

1990 Director of Novotrade Computer Graphic Studio. A month long grant in the AII ENSAD Studio, Paris with the grant of the CNAP. Lectured in the IMAGINA Festival. "Memory of Moholy-Nagy" (computer animation) is completed. "Conversation" (Audio-visual performance) is completed, and won Honorary Mention in Interactive Category of Prix Ars Electronica, Linz. Professor at the Intermedia Department of the Fine art Academy, Budapest (1990-1992).

1989 Co-Founder of Novotrade CG Studio. Concepted "The Manifesto of Computer Art". "Machines" (computer graphic series) is completed. "Gramophone" (from the "Machines" series) won first Prize (Golden Nica) in Computer Graphic Category of Prix Ars Electronica, Linz.

1988 Employee of Novotrade Software Studio, Budapest as graphic designer. Started working for Halas & Batchelor Co., London as computer animator. "Pictures" and "Is there any room for me here?" (computer animations) are completed. "Pictures" won the first and "Is there any room for me here" the second Prize of P.L.E.I.A.S. Festival, Paris. "Pictures" won also Honorary Mention in Animation Category of Prix Ars Electronica, Linz.

1985 Illustrations for the book of László Márton, called "Menedék" (Asylum). This is Waliczky's first published artwork.

1983 Employee of Caesar CG Studio, Budapest as computer-game graphic designer. Started making computer graphics and computer animated sequences. "Human Motions (Computer Mobiles)" are completed.

1982 Made films, slide-shows and oil paintings. Photographic exhibitions in Wien with Peter Kozma and in Nancy with György Pálos, László Lugosi-Lugo and Aliona Frankl.

1980 Employee of Pannonia Cartoon Film Studio, Budapest as animator assistant. Took part in two feature-long cartoon films.

1974 Private studies in drawing and painting.

1968 Started to make animated cartoon films and comics, at the age of nine.