Puppet and Gravity | Demo | 2020

Tamás Waliczky: Puppet and Gravity, 2020

I’ve finished this animation in December 2020. It is a computer simulation of a human-like puppet positioned in a metal box. The box randomly rotates and forces the puppet into different positions. This work is the next piece in my art series of the simulation of human body movement. It is similar to earlier works as „Marionettes” or „Wheels”, but in this time in 3D.

Computer animation installation.
The original video is in 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, 5 minutes and 21 seconds, played in loop.

Should be presented on large LCD screen or video projection.
No sound.

Concept, animation, video: Tamás Waliczky
Artistic adviser: Anna Szepesi
Copyright © 2021 by Tamás Waliczky

Image and video copyright © 2020, Tamás Waliczky