View on Shek Kip Mei Park | 2016-2021

Tamás Waliczky: View on Shek Kip Mei Park, 2016-2021

In Hong Kong, I lived in an apartment next to Shek Kip Mei Park for 10 years. As I worked at home, I could see from my window people and cars going up and down in the park. After dark, the park’s spotlights projected the shade of the park’s trees into my room.
I wanted to visualize this situation in this animation. I started recording videos in Hong Kong in 2016, I worked on the animation for months, but I wasn’t happy with the result. When I moved back to Budapest in 2021, I retrieved the computer files again and managed to finish the artwork.
I had to stack so many layers of video on top of each other and move them so precisely that I used a 3D animation software instead of a video editor. Therefore, this work is more of an animation than a video work.

Digital video installation.
The original video is in HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, 3 minutes and 3 seconds, played in loop.

Should be presented on large LCD screen or video projection.
No sound.

Concept, animation, video: Tamás Waliczky
Artistic adviser: Anna Szepesi
Copyright © 2021 by Tamás Waliczky

Video and images copyright © 2021, Tamás Waliczky