Tamás Waliczky: Landscape, 1997, excerpt


This 3-D computer animation originally was designed to an opera-piece. The main question of the opera was how we perceive time. The animation is about a small German village in a rainy day, and visualises the miraculous moment when all of a sudden time has been stopped. Therefore all the raindrops are frozen in the air, generating an organic, 3 dimensional grid of the space. The only living element in the animation is the virtual camera, which one moves through the village.

Tamás Waliczky, 1998


Computer animation, 3' 02"

Master: Digital Betacam

Conception: Tamás Waliczky & Anna Szepesi

Direction: Tamás Waliczky

Computer animation assistant: Christina Zartmann

Assistant: Manuela Abel

Music performed by: Alex Kammerlocher

Produced by: ZKM Institut für Bildmedien, Karlsruhe

Copyright © 1997 Tamás Waliczky and Anna Szepesi

Images copyright © 1997 Tamás Waliczky

"Landsacpe" in Bloom exhibition, Bury Art Gallery, England, 2010 Image is provided by Bury Art Gallery