Tamás Waliczky - Tibor Szemző: Conversation, 1990, excerpt


The form of appearance of "Conversation" (size of picture projected, localization of audience, volume of sound) depends always on the intentions of the authors and not on external circumstances as blow-up of screen photos or setting of video monitors.

By means of relatively simple conversions, "Conversation" can be performed on several types of cheap machines. The composition is not attached solely to one type of machines, only to the special software utilized (Film Director Professional). The difference between various performances is similar to that of a piece of music interpreted on instruments of better or worse quality.

"Conversation" has to be never definitively completed, it can always change, moreover, may be performed by different artists as well.

Tamás Waliczky, 1990

"Conversation" is an interactive multimedia show. As I am free to alter succession, lenght and speed of the animated sequences by exploiting the interactive possibilities of the computer, and as Tibor Szemzõ is also free to vary the musical motifs created by his synthesizers, this program will be different every time. This "Conversation" is really a conversation from several points of view:

- conversation between the two computer projected parts of the split video screen (in this sense conversation between the two animation computers as well)

- conversation between the two computer projected persons, the live figures of the artists and also, a conversation between the two computer projected persons and the two artists

- conversation between the music of Tibor Szemző and my pictures, and finally

- conversation between the actual audience and the performing artists.

The "Conversation" will never be completed because its structure makes it possible for us to add new pictures, new sequences, and new sounds to it, as the life of the artists is changing.

Budapest, May 8th, 1990, Tamás Waliczky


Interactive live performance, about 30 minutes long.

Idea: Tamás Waliczky

Visual Instruments: Tamás Waliczky

Music Instruments: Tibor Szemzö

Software support: Zoltán Császár

Producer: Joel Boutteville

Copyright © 1990 Tamás Waliczky, Tibor Szemzö

Distributors: Tamás Waliczky, Tibor Szemzö, Joel Boutteville,Wallada Bioscop Ltd,

Images copyright © 1990, Tamás Waliczky