Tamás Waliczky: The Fisherman and His Wife, 2000, excerpt


A 30 minutes long computer animation, based on a German folk-tale. The visual world of the animation is based on those of shadow-theatre. Every virtual puppet, tree, flower or house are hand-drawn, scanned in and used as texture-maps on 2D polygonal forms positioned in the 3D space. At first the scenes are lightened just with one light source, but as the story goes on, more and more puppets have their own light sources, and cast shadows of the other puppets or objects in the scene. The work uses the light and the shadows to visualise relations between humans, reality to virtuality, reality to wishes, reality to dreams.

Tamás Waliczky, 2000


Computer animation, 30 minutes long.

Master: Digital Betacam

Animation: Tamás Waliczky and Tsuyoshi Fuyama

Narrator: Manfred "Derek" Hauffen

Harpsichord music performed by: Angelika Csizmadia

Musical director: János Mácsai

Sound enginers: Károly Horváth and Gusztáv Bárány

Edited by: Tamás Waliczky and Anna Szepesi

Directed by: Tamás Waliczky

Concept: Tamás Waliczky and Anna Szepesi

Special thanks to: Itsuo Sakane, György Pálos, András Kárpáti, Jeffrey Shaw, Christina Zartmann, Astrid Sommer, László Márton, Masahiro Miwa, Shiro Yamamoto, Péter Kárpáti, Gulliver Tábor, Heike Staff, Tomomi Inagaki, Silke Sutter

Produced by IAMAS, International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, Ogaki, Japan

in collaboration with Wallada Bioscop Ltd., Budapest, Hungary and ZKM, Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany

Copyright © 2000 Tamás Waliczky & Anna Szepesi

Distributors: Tamás Waliczky & Anna Szepesi

Images copyright © 2000 Tamás Waliczky