Tsim Sha Tsui Seaside Trees | Demo | 2021

Tamás Waliczky: Tsim Sha Tsui Seaside Trees, 2021

Three trees stand on the beach, opposite the terrace of one of my favorite restaurants. During dinner, I often wondered how these trees can see us humans?
I read an excellent book about the life of trees. According to the book, the brain of the trees is probably their roots. So they are upside down compared to us.
They live much longer and slower than we do. We humans are small and quick compared to them.
Each leaf of the tree senses light, perhaps movement and shape as well. That is, a tree is watching the world with thousands of eyes.
These thoughts inspired me to make this animation.

Digital video installation.
The original video is in 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, 8 minutes and 19 seconds, played in loop.

Should be presented on large LCD screen or video projection.
No sound.

Concept, animation, video: Tamás Waliczky
Artistic adviser: Anna Szepesi
Copyright © 2021 by Tamás Waliczky

Images and video copyright © 2021, Tamás Waliczky