Reflections | demo | 2014

Tamás Waliczky: Reflections, 2014

One channel video installation.
The original video is in 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, 6 minutes and 14 seconds, played in loop.

"Experience of oneself is always mediated; only experience of others is direct. Just as we are unable to see our face except in a mirror, we are unable to see our inner self other than by reflection, and it is the latter that creates awareness. Contact with others also entails contact with ourselves, and the self of personal identity is simply not available to us without communication and interaction. It is an awareness of oneself that at the same time involves awareness of the expectations of others and our resultant obligations and responsibilities."
Jan Assmann

Concept, images, video: Tamás Waliczky
Photography, acting: Tamás Waliczky, Anna Szepesi, Annamária Waliczky
Artistic adviser: Anna Szepesi
Copyright © 2014 by T. Waliczky & A. Szepesi

Images copyright © 2014, Tamás Waliczky