Tamás Waliczky: Adventures of Tom Tomiczky, 2011, demo

"Adventures of Tom Tomiczky" now is available in full length through Vimeo On Demand.


Between dream and wakefulness there is an area where things do not belong to dreams yet, but they are still not real completely. Here travels Tom Tomiczky getting through from one story to another, being the hero of poetic, burlesque, surreal or dreadful tales, visiting Monte Carlo, Karlsruhe, Venice or Japan. What is the aim of his journey? The travel itself, which therefore never ends.


The video version, 41min.

Master: High Definition (1920x1080) digital video.

Written and Directed by Tamás Waliczky

Artistic Advisor: Anna Szepesi

Producers: György Czabán, Csilla Győri, György Pálos, KVB

Animators: Tamás Waliczky, Taruto Fuyama, Llászló Kiss, Marc Hankel, Gergely Szabó

Modellers: Áron Jancsó, András Czifra, Csanád Szirják, Tamás Waliczky, Gerhard Funk

Music: Katrin Scherer & Sven Decker, U.F.O. unidentified flying orchestra, Green Deer Music, Used by Permission.

Motion Capture: Zoltán Bathó, László Domján, Dávid Écsi, 3D Brigade Hungary, Inc.

Motion-Capture Actors: Tamás Waliczky, Anna Szepesi, Annamari Waliczky

Special thanks to: Beate Garmer, András Kárpáti, Bernd Lintermann, László Haris, György Pálos, Annamari Waliczky

Supported by the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary, Wallada Bioscop Kft., HBK Saar

Copyright © 2011 by Tamás Waliczky & Anna Szepesi

Images copyright © 2011 Tamás Waliczky & Anna Szepesi