5 October - 11 November 2018

Lumenvisum Gallery

Optical Instruments | Tamás Waliczky solo exhibition

Curator: Anna Szepesi

Lumenvisum Gallery, L3, L2-10, JCCAC, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Exhibition period: 5 October - 11 November 2018

Opening: 5.10.2018 (Fri) 6-8 pm

Guided tours with the artist:
13.10.2018 (Sat) 3-4pm
27.10.2018 (Sat) 3-4pm

Artist talk:
6.10.2018 (Sat) 3-4:30 pm

The„Optical Instruments” exhibition presents eight new prints and one animation from Tamas Waliczky’s very successful „Cameras” series. These artworks have not been showed in Hong Kong before.

„I began to produce this series with my unusual childhood in mind. As my father was an amateur photographer, our flat was filled with the catalogues of photo-machines. In my childhood, alongside the stories familiar to everyone, I scanned these catalogues, and I dreamed of how great it would be if I could have this or that camera. I am versed in this language, because there is also a language for this: shutter-speed, the diaphragm, the lenses. Even though I am not a photographic mechanic or technician, I grew up with this language, and it means something to me. This is my personal thread to these images. Throughout my entire life, in all of my works, I have been interested in how man sees. These machines are anthropomorphic to the extent – if at all – that they show the various modes of vision – that we can see the world in this way or that way. And this is shown a bit ironically, even awkwardly, in the form of these machines made of metal. These are cameras and optical instruments that do not exist, but they might have been invented, if the development of photography had taken a different direction. Thus, this is an alternative developmental path. I am very interested and engaged in this recently. It is a bit of the history of photography, a bit of how man sees, and also my relationship to my childhood experiences: this is what provided the foundation for this series, and what I am still engaged in.”
(Excerpt from „Imaginary Cameras and other optical devices of Tamas Waliczky”, Interview and Editing by Anna Szepesi, 2018)

Next to the prints Waliczky exhibits four of his earliest animations, showing connection and continuity between them and his latest works.

Photographed by Tamas Waliczky, Anna Szepesi